Saturday, February 02, 2008

Congress Tackles Nation's "Primary Problem"

By Amanda Knowles
American Observer
23 January 2008

The 2008 presidential primary season is shaping up to be the most chaotic in history, experts say. States are taking part in a mad dash to the front of the schedule in an effort to maximize their influence, breaking party rules and facing penalties along the way. In response, Congress has taken the matter into its own hands, proposing reform legislation and leaving some questioning whether government intervention is constitutional.

FairVote has elected to back a reform effort called the American Plan, which begins the primary schedule with small-population states, gradually working up to the largest states at the end, regardless of regions. According to O’Donnell, the plan’s strong points are a lottery element that treats small and large states fairly, a rational timeline with ten primaries spaced at even intervals, and the conservation of retail politicking.



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